Camping Anclote Key


Campers on the Florida Island of Anclote Key

Campers on Anclote Key

Imagine it: lying on the beach under a blanket of stars, the sound of the fire crackling away, tucking into your tent for a night sleeping to the sounds of the waves. No, you’re not listening to a self-improvement podcast—you’re camping on the beach at Anclote Key Preserve. Located three miles out from Tarpon Springs, Anclote Key is primitive camping at its best. The camping area is located on the northern tip of Anclote Key. Visitors will find grills, picnic tables, a pavilion and a composting toilet—just enough amenities to keep you happy, and none of the frilly stuff. Read on for tips on planning your next Florida beach camping adventure!

Get Back to Nature on an Anclote Key Camping Trip

Now that you’ve gotten a taste of what a camping trip on Anclote Key will be like in our virtual reality video, here are some insider tips on what you can enjoy when you get there.

Birdwatching: On the bay side, see roseate spoonbills and herons in the mudflats. And there are plenty of gulls to watch swooping through the air (but keep a watchful eye on your hot dogs!).

Whip up a cookout: Grills are not available in the Primitive camping area on the north end of the island.

Stargazing: in the fall, the constellation Orion’s Belt is easy to spot—this and other constellations will be highly visible since you’ll be away from city lights. 

Tips to Prepare You for Your Camping Trip

Camping registrations can be made by calling the resident ranger at


Getting there: if you’re camping, you need to get there by your own transport. Local ferry services won’t bring you there for an overnight stay.

Bring your own supplies: there are no food and drink amenities on the island so you’ll need to bring with you what you want to eat and drink.

Take what you bring: there are no trash cans on the island so you need to bring everything off the island that you brought on.


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